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HelloSet introduces Smart Branding.
Connected and intelligent graphics.

Ensure social media coverage during your sports events or in your communications with high-impact graphics, dynamic content and generate it in less than a second.

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Multiple use cases


Graphic content in your colors, including videos

We design high-level graphics to make your team's achievements go viral on social media while preserving your identity and branding over time.

HelloSet is not only a powerful SaaS solution: our team supports you through our professional services, from the photo shoot that will start your best content to the promotion of these on advertising platforms.


Graphics with automated content

Our graphics include intelligence: they allow for automatically positioning or resizing elements based on your choices or data transmitted to them from external sources.


Tools to mobilize and engage your audience

Beyond a top-down communication, our graphics are designed to mobilize your audience: communicate for your brand, allow to vote for the most valuable player or collect insights through polls.


Instant and automated content

We allow for automated and instant data integration within your graphics through a connection with sports statistics sources, or even your own APIs and databases.


Only one operator needed to manage

Because every second counts during a match, our interface is optimized to allow you to create, schedule, publish, analyze and archive your graphics in a few clicks.

  • Omni-channel

    Broadcast on channels where your supporters are

    Push out the walls of your stadium to allow your audience to live intensely your adventure: on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, but also on your website or mobile application.

  • HelloSet in your pocket

    HelloSet follows you permanently, to allow you to publish from anywhere.

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    Coming soon

    It's just a matter of time now

    • Automated

      Anticipate your content for the next months with our automation scenarios, to inform for example the schedule and location of a match 7 days before or to celebrate a player's birthday... ideally on d-day.

    • Predictive

      Our solution learns to know you and your supporters, to suggest your next highlights. You can trust us, follow your own intuition, or find the perfect combination.

    Immerse yourself in the high-level smart branding

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